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Goodbye September, hello October 02/10/2017

random thought 14/08/2017

what i got in mind is, some time off away, very far away from bs,, and a piece of chocolate cake hahaha, yeah i know, two things, totally different, that got nothing to do with each other but whatever, i know, this wk is gonna be same old shit as always, annoying and hope that, some time in the future, when i read this, i could just laugh my ass out about this garbage, and prolly having a better time, new experiences with new people, you know, "fresh air", just, a new start, im this close to have a mental breakdown but, im sure i can keep up with the bs that life brings to us. whatever comes, comes, just let it be good stuff for a f*** change.
Yeah, this time wasn't about posting a random photo or a selfie, just thoughts. That's all for now.

Can't wait for next fall season.. 02/05/2017


Love to wear this kind of outfit.. all darkish, hopefully will take me pics this fall wearing stuff like this, similar, or kinda x

aaww 13/02/2017

Tags : Valentine ♥

Coffee 13/02/2017

Annoying ppl make me believe this is true lol.. you need to drink something to make it through the day.

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